Trophy or Treasure 

 July 31, 2020

By  Toyin Oboh

A trophy is usually given as a reminder of a specific achievement and serves as recognition or evidence of merit. It is often displayed as a thing of pride. The problem however is that it is basically kept on a display for anyone and everyone to see.

A Treasure, on the other hand, is a prized possession. Its value lies in the worth of the owner. It is kept, not on display, because of the fear that it will be stolen, but secure at all cost.

So many times we treat our Jewels (as I fondly call children) as trophies. We bother about what they can achieve in order to assuage our burning insecurities. We are more concerned about selfish feelings of being approved and certified as good parents. So we enroll them in numerous activities without creating time when they can just play and be themselves. We simply forget to let them live.

It is important that we treat our children as the treasures they are. We should be intentional about raising the child God has given us, refining their strengths, harnessing potentials, and preparing them to shine on their own stage, not ours.

Your child is not a reincarnation of you. They are unique beings, created for a unique life. Think about this, and let your heart ponder on the question — Is your child a trophy or a treasure?

Toyin Oboh

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