Help your children reach their
fullest potentials

The Maxwell Parenting and Family coaching believe in the philosophy that encourages parents to love themselves from the inside/out. The goal of this session is to empower parents to help their children become more of themselves as they seek to reach their fullest potential.


Results to Expect after our Session:

  • You'll have a deep reflection into your parenting styles, what your expectations are and why.
  • You will come up with a family vision and mission statement that will guide your family to becoming what God has destined it to be.
  • You will be equipped with values and principles that are desperately needed in the family unit.
  • You will be empowered to bring out the best in yourself and children.

Features of the Session

  • Pre-session pack, with a pre-assessment form filled
  • Two zoom sessions held twice a week
  • Personal workbook
  • Post-Session Follow-up for one month

Client Pre-Work

While we prepare for the session, please take some time out to do the following. It will be really helpful to maximize our time during the session.

  1. Fill the Pre-assessment form and be as honest as possible
  2. Write down the specific results you wish to see at the end of the closed master group.
  3. Be open-minded, along the line if need be your child/children will be invited.

How to Join


What other parents want you to know

This program taught me better ways of Parenting my children. I also learned how to set parenting goals and achieve them. I am now surely a better mother to my children than before the program.

Ibechukwu Durobo


From participating in the class I found out that I was repeating some of the errors that my parents committed in raising me. I enjoyed the training because I understand how to bond more with my children.

Chika Chonki