Mother and Child Sessions

It's not the sibling!

It's not the new school..

It's not the schedule..

It's not even you!

Many times we think the problem is with our children or with us.

But often, the problem is with our perspective; how we've been taught and what we've learned from watching others. But the truth is that, your experience is not necessarily correct.

Parenting right doesn't come by experience, it comes by learning what to do, and doing it. Also, what to do depends on who you are and what stage of the journey you're on. There is no one-size-fit-all.

When we work together...

  • You will clearly see what makes your child special, and know how to enhance that unique strength
  • You will rediscover yourself, and look to each day with renewed passion, because you've found your compelling WHY
  • You'll stop comparing your child to others because you now know how to help your own child thrive

We can both agree that your child doesn't need to be perfect to be a daily positive influence on others. Your child doesn't need to be "spotless" to lead others, and your child definitely doesn't need to be an adult before bringing a smile to your face, and making you proud.

Every child has their strength but because of, comparison many parents don't see it. Now, you can say goodbye to that comparision forever because it's not serving you, not serving your kids, or anybody else.

Let's focus on something else instead...

How we can work together

I partner with you to rediscover your self, discover your child's strengths and learn how to amplify them through wholesome education, positive discipline, and enduring values.

Mother & Child Sessions

Many children have seen a school counsellor at least once. Parents also have people we speak with when we need to. But in this session, your child is also invited.

  • You'll rediscover your self, find motivation and renewed hope as you discover your child's strengths.
  • Your child will see himself with new eyes, and get confidence to reach for their dreams.
  • You'll map out a plan of action that gets you closer to being the parent you hoped you'd be, while supporting a child that is motivated to be the best they have ever been.


What other parents want you to know

This program taught me better ways of Parenting my children. I also learned how to set parenting goals and achieve them. I am now surely a better mother to my children than before the program.

Ibechukwu Durobo


My most enjoyable class was the affirmation class, where we learned to affirm not only our children but our husband. Toyin also helped me understand and better interpret my children's love languages

Tope Tellford


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