Accountability and Community

How we can work together

Find the community and accountability partners you need to achieve your desire of raising right standing children even without loosing your career

Mothers That Watch

The tough thing about Motherhood is that you have to do all of your training on the job. No matter what you've heard about motherhood, the experience is different, personal, and you need support.

This is a support group for mothers, where we all come together to pray for our children and discuss personal development.

This is for you if:

  • You ever saw a parenting tip and thought, “Yeah nice, but how do I make this work for my own kids?”
  • You’re willing to examine your parenting, find encouragement to be a better mom.
  • You feel like you've run out of ideas with parenting your children, and you're wondering how other people cope. 

Kingdom Women in Business

Kingdom Women in Business provides a community for women ready to become everything God has destined them to be. Learn how I went from being a stay-at-home to raising leaders and an employer of over a hundred staff.

This community is designed to help you become an extraordinary and unstoppable leader or entrepreneur.

Benefits Include:

  • A safe place to Grow & Accountability partners
  • Solutions to Entrepreneurial and Career Challenges
  • Network & Upskill
  • Sharing Opportunities for Business or Career Growth
  • Coaching and mentorship

Price: ₦50,000


What other parents want you to know

This program taught me better ways of Parenting my children. I also learned how to set parenting goals and achieve them. I am now surely a better mother to my children than before the program.

Ibechukwu Durobo


My most enjoyable class was the affirmation class, where we learned to affirm not only our children but our husband. Toyin also helped me understand and better interpret my children's love languages

Tope Tellford


From participating in the class I found out that I was repeating some of the errors that my parents committed in raising me. I enjoyed the training because I understand how to bond more with my children.

Chika Chonki


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