Hello I'm Toyin Oboh

I'm a certified Parenting and Family Coach dedicated to empowering you with the tools that help you feel confident and capable as you raise happy, Christ-centered children.

Helping you succeed as a parent is my calling

I'm a mom of three, which means I'm dealing with some of the same things you're dealing with. In fact, my education and coaching certification do not match up to the real experiences I deal with every week as a school director, parent coach and as a parent.

Take it from me, one parent to the other, you are doing WELL.

I've spent the last decade working with children and parents through my school, Bible club and accountability groups. The more I work with children, the more I love them.

I've seen all kinds of children thrive - from the ones tagged stubborn, uncooperative, mean, or indisciplined. Every child can thrive!

Now, I'm so driven to strengthen the bond in homes, build children that will be Christ centered, and to raise exceptional children who will BE THE LIGHT.

I coach parents to raise excellent children who are a positive influence in the society, through positive discipline and quality education.

I am married to an amazing business tycoon and I'm a mother of 3 priceless Jewels.

How I see children

  • Jewels of inestimable value
  • Lights of the world
  • Leaders of the future

I am on a mission to raise an exceptional generation of children that will be Christ centered; children who will be THE LIGHT

For the first time, I was deliberate about sharing my stories with my kids without hitches or any reservations. I deliberately set aside 1 hour after I got back from work, tagging along with each child and it was fulfilling. I choose to do this from now on, and spend quality time with them. I choose to invest more in their love language. Thank you Coach.

INSERT NAME - Coaching Client, and Mom of 3

Professional Bio

Toyin Oboh is a Parenting and Family Coach. She equips parents with strategies to raise happy Christ-centered kids.

She is invested in equipping families to raise children, using the right tools to foster positive discipline and create a strong family bond, held together by a powerful vision.

Toyin is a certified Parenting and Family Coach by the John Maxwell Team. She is also a Chartered accountant, with a Masters in Business Administration, and a Post Graduate Degree in Education from the University of Nottingham.

She is the Director of Jewels Leading Lights Academy, a school in Abuja, Nigeria equipped to bring out the best in children. She is also the coordinator of Leading Lights Bible Club, a place where God's word is taught in a fun and impactful way tailored to fit the desires of the contemporary child.

She is married to an amazing business tycoon and they are blessed with 3 priceless Jewels.

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