Your child doesn't have to be perfect to be special.

I help parents raise excellent children who make a positive influence in the society.

about ME

There's a better way to raise children

When it came to raising children, I did what I saw my parents do, which was all I knew to do. Today, I have found a better way to raise children. My journey as a Parent, Educator, and school Director led me to resources and tools to raise children the right way.

In the past 15 years, I've worked with children as a Bible Club coordinator, the school Director of Jewels Leading Lights Academy, and I'm raising children of my own. My work is to help parents raise excellent children who are a positive influence in the society.


Discover how to Enhance
and Amplify your Child's Strengths

You can't get a perfect child, but you can get your child to do well, and be the best that they could possibly be.

As a John Maxwell certified Family Coach, I serve parents as a guiding hand on their parenting journey

I help you discover, enhance and amplify your child's strengths so that you can maximize the gifts God has given your child.


What other parents think

This program taught me better ways of Parenting my children. I also learned how to set parenting goals and achieve them. I am now surely a better mother to my children than before the program.

Ibechukwu Durobo


My most enjoyable class was the affirmation class, where we learned to affirm not only our children but our husband. Toyin also helped me understand and better interpret my children's love languages

Tope Tellford


From participating in the class I found out that I was repeating some of the errors that my parents committed in raising me. I enjoyed the training because I understand how to bond more with my children.

Chika Chonki



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